The Edition

The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of the English Nation (1598–1600)

The critical edition of The Principal Navigations is under contract with Oxford University Press in 14 volumes. It will provide an unparalleled resource for researchers and teachers working on early modern travel, trade and colonialism. The individual volumes will cover:

  • Vol 1. Medieval Voyages
  • Vol 2. Medieval Voyages and the English in Muscovy
  • Vol 3. Muscovy and Persian Travel
  • Vol 4. Russia, Iceland and Anglo-Spanish Relations
  • Vol 5. Medieval Travel and the Early Levant Trade
  • Vol 6. Levant Travels, South Asia, and Anglo-Ottoman Diplomacy
  • Vol 7. Travels to Africa and the Far East, and the Anglo-Spanish War
  • Vol 8. Maritime War with Spain, the Northwest Passage, and West Africa
  • Vol 9. The Northwest Passage, Travels to Newfoundland, and the Gulf of St Lawrence
  • Vol 10. Voyages to New France, Roanoke, and Florida
  • Vol 11. Voyages to New Mexico, California, and New Spain
  • Vol 12. West Indies Voyages
  • Vol 13. Travels to Guiana, Brazil, and the River Plate
  • Vol 14. The South Seas, Far East, and Spanish Trade and Navigation