Postdoc editorial appointment

We’re delighted to announce that Dr. Gary Baker has been appointed as a postdoctoral research assistant for the Hakluyt edition, supported by the Hakluyt Society, NERC, and the University of Groningen (NWO grant). He is based in the School of History at the University of East Anglia, working under the supervision of Prof. Claire Jowitt.

Hakluyt Editors Awarded Huntington Library Fellowships

Angela Byrne (co-ed. Vol. 2), Claire Jowitt (ed. Vol. 14), and Sebastian Sobecki (ed. Vol. 1 & co-ed. Vol. 2) have been awarded short-term Huntington Library Fellowships for 2015/16. Sebastian will be working on travel writing whilst in residence, and Angela and Claire will be focusing on working on their respective volumes with the benefit of access to the edition’s copy-text (STC 12626a-245_04).

Award of a British Academy Small Grant 2015

Lena Wahlgren-Smith’s post as Latin and neo-Latin Research Assistant has been extended until August 2016. Lena is based at the University of Southampton and her work on the project is funded by a British Academy Small Grant, the Hakluyt Society, and the University of Southampton. Lena is also an associate editor on Volume 1 (Medieval Voyages, edited by Sebastian Sobecki), working on the Latin material.